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About Ambientes Mallorca

Our philosophy

is that every existing project in the world of design is a result of an idea and every idea has a purpose. For this reason, all our designs serve a purpose.

Our strength

in design is reflected in our name and how much we care for the details.

Our specialists

won’t be afraid to go the extra mile to approach near perfection.

Feeling comfortable at home has become especially important in these hectic and uncertain times. Our living environment – the AMBIENCE, has a significant influence on our well-being.

AMBIENTES Mallorca ‘professional eyes’ won’t miss out the smallest of detail. 

The amount of dedication and effort equals the level of passion and determination. 

A good communication with the customer means better end results. 

At AMBIENTES Mallorca we help you to create your personal and individual living space in which you can relax, find yourself again and enjoy being with others. With many years of experience in all furnishing questions we are emotionally and actively here for you.

We are looking forward to your ideas,


Mirjam Tobis & Oliver Kubisch