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Every home furnishing is unique - just like you!


No matter how you imagine your furnishing style for your new retreat or 

perhaps you want to make minor changes or additions to an existing setting, 

we offer an extensive variety of different furniture collections. 

Be it playful, like shabby chic or a vintage style or simply minimalistic, 

talk to us about your individual needs. We consider this a challenge 

and would be happy to advise you.

Lamps & accessories

For us, particular importance is reserved for lamps and accessories. 

Their deliberate and skilful selection and/ or placement can create atmospheric  and high-quality features and is therefore crucial to whether an establishment is likeable and whether we feel comfortable within it.

Upholstered furniture

Take a seat and choose your personal seating furniture from many different models, 

with a variety of colours and fabric patterns – and at moderate prices too. 

We are certain there is something suitable for you in our ranges. And if that’s still not enough choice, you can also have sofas manufactured according to your own specifications – especially for you. 

So to speak, tailor-made for you – ‘Made in Mallorca’.